Where to Start?

I’ve committed to being on this journey of personal transformation and using this blog to document my journey. So naturally I’ve found myself wondering where should I start? I began thinking about the different aspects of my life – my health, my finances, my career, my social life, etc – and realized all of them are in serious need of transformation. Some just need a little transformation while others need a MAJOR overhaul. So when asking the question of where to start, it becomes a bit daunting.

I’ve determined that the best place to start is probably with my health. It is after all the thing that should be the most important to me. Without it, I’m limited in what I can do, and let’s be honest, it’s not in the best shape. So while I am focused on personal transformation overall, my main focus initially will be improving my health by losing weight.

Nothing happens in a vacuum though, so I’ll also be sharing with you other glimpses throughout the journey as I work on and transform other parts of my life. I want to finish paying off all my debt and become debt free. I want to be come a fiction author with published books. I want to be more active and social. My efforts to transform in these aspects of my life will be discussed through posts interwoven about my health and weight loss. I’ll also be adding tabs at the top to quickly access the various transformation areas in case you want to learn more or get updates on just a specific area.

I know that transformation is a long wrote. Nothing happens overnight. So I hope you’ll subscribe and join me on the journey!

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