Starting the Journey

Welcome! I started this blog earlier this year to focus on my goals for the year, not expecting so much to happen in 2020 to derail me from my intended course. I wanted this blog to be about my trials and tribulations trying to reach those goals, but I wasn’t able to find my voice to bring that to life. And quickly this went to the wayside based on a few curveballs from life.

I found myself this morning thinking about this blog and still having some desire to make it happen. But what should it be? What should it look like? I am still working towards my goals, but I feel like what is happening now is so much more than a sentence written on the paper. After years and years of being stuck in the same rut, I’m ready to change my life. And not a little change here or there. A drastic overhaul. A flip the script kind of moment. Because as I’ve realized over the last few months, my soul isn’t happy. This in itself seems impossible or contradictory. I have little joys in my life that make me happy from moment to moment, and I’m extremely grateful for so much. Yet there is this constant churn inside that makes me wonder what am I doing with my life? There’s so much I want to do and I think I’m destined to do, yet I’ve chosen the path of least resistance. IN EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE.

This has to stop. I have just one life to live. While I’d love to live to be 100, based on past choices I’ve made and current circumstances I have yet to change, odds are my life is more than half over. How much longer am I willing to waste living a less than authentic life?

So I’m starting up this blog again. Not focused on any specific goal, but instead on me working to transform and change my life. I want to share the ups and downs, the good and the bad, because I know that not everything in life is an Instagram moment. And if you find yourself in the same boat, I encourage you to follow along and share your journey with me as well.

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